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Shockwave had moved off to be alone and look up a few things; he had been working a new weapon and was trying to think of a good way to charge it when he found out about the Ark being on the moon. He was looking through a lot of files he hacked from the satellites and he soon found evidence that the humans had gotten a hold of some Cybertronian technology and tried to use it and failed miserably. The humans used it at a location called Chernobyl. He then got up and went to the others and said, "There is something on Earth I want, it is located at the abandoned nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in is the fuel rod for the crashed Autobot ship the Ark if any of you want to come along you can...I am sure there will be some Autobots there for you to take your aggressions out on."

Acid glances in Shockwave's direction just as Shockwave comes back onto the bridge. "I can go down and stretch my legs. Someone needs to wake up the electrical highness and get him out of his personal quarters…any volunteers?"

Nova looked over at Shockwave when he spoke of going back down to Earth and he said, "I will come along..." He then looked over at Acid as he asked for volunteers to wake Stormy up and he gave a slight grin and said, "I can go wake sleeping beauty up."

He then walked out before anyone could object and headed to Stormfront's quarters and knocked on his door but before he got an answer he went in after hacking the key pad.  Back at the bridge, Acid looks in Novastorm's direction when he volunteers to wake up Stormy. "Ah...ok, Nova, just be........" He does not get to finish what he wanted to say and warn him. Shortly after, he turns to everyone else on the bridge. "....careful. Hopefully, he is smart about waking up the so-called sleeping beauty or he could get an interesting aftershock from waking him up."

Stormy's stasis nap is much welcomed and he is sound asleep. He cannot hear anything going on the bridge. Eventually, he hears knocking on his door and he slightly raises his head along with his optic nearest to the door opening up. He simply smirks before turning over to his side so that his back is to the door and plays possum while pretending to still be asleep.

Please give me 5 more astroseconds, Acid.

His audio receptors stay tune what is going on. They pick up someone hacking his keypad along with opening his door also hears their footsteps. He could not tell who it is though since he does not want his intruder to know that he is awake, it is more fun that way. When the intruder stops, he felt heat coming from the edge of his berth and he can hear his brother talking to him, "Wake up sleeping beauty you are needed...we are going down to the Earth's surface."

Without waking up fully, Stormy raises a hand above his head and lying there comfortably on his back, he gives Nova a very strong lightning bolt intended to give his slightly older brother a good-sized electric shock. Once he releases the strong lightning bolt at Nova, he continues to play possum and snore just to drive his brother crazy. He did not want to tell him that he is really awake.  The very strong lightning bolt that sends Novastorm flying up against the wall and falling down on his aft, and as the lightning bolt went off the whole ship shuttered and the lights flickered.  Stormfront quietly snickers to himself even though he cannot see Novastorm hit the wall from the lightning bolt but he can definitely hear it.

Nova shook off the effects which weren't easy to do and got back up and as he did he looked at Story who was playing possum and he said, "POSSUM MY AFT, WAKE UP!!" he then gave the berth Stormy was laying on a swift kick and flipped it so he would land on his face.  "ALRIGHT, I am not get your tail fins all wounded...." At this time, he felt his berth being flipped over. "....UPPPPPPPPP! UGH, NOVA!!!" Novastorm stormed out of the room while sparks of residual electricity still sparked off his armor as he heads back to the bridge fuming. He remains silent and alone in the corner.  When Novastorm walks past him, Acid turns his attention to Nova. "Hmmmmm...let me guess, his royal highness is is written all over your body. I tried to warn you about waking him up." Novastorm looked over at Acid when he spoke and he said, "I already know of his tendacies...I didn't wake up yesterday you know..."

Back in Stormfront's personal quarters, he uses his body to push his berth off of his body by the strength in his arms and pushing off with his body. Eventually, the berth is off of him. Right after he stands to his full height, he replaces it back the way it should be. Shortly after, he heads out of his personal quarters to find out why he was needed to go down to the planet Earth. When he enter the bridge, he stood in the entryway with a neutral facial expression. He looks in Novastorm's direction to see that he is still showing the effects from the lightning bolt. While standing there, he lightly sighs. He is not sure if he should apologize to him or laugh at him.

"Why did you think it would be a good idea to heat up my berth?"
Novastorm saw Stormy come trotting onto the bridge and when he asked him about why he felt he needed to heat up his berth like he did he just gave a slight smirk and said, "I felt like I am sure you felt like it to zap me with a lightning bolt." Stormfront lightly smirks in return in Novastorm's direction. "Oh I am sure...sometimes I do not know my own strength with my lightning bolts, brother. But I wish that could have seen your body language after I zapped you."
Acid Storm looks over at Stormfront. "Did Nova mention anything about our errand before the uneventful lightning bolt?"

This causes Stormfront to turn his attention from Novastorm to Acid. "Not really....just that I am needed and we are heading down to Earth. Besides that, nothing."

"Hmmm...I see. We are heading to an abandoned nuclear power plant in Chernobyl which is in the Ukraine. We are going to get a fuel rod from the crashed ship known as the Ark. Do you want to come with us or stay with the irritated Trypticon?"

Acid looks at his youngest brother with a patient look and waits for his response.

"So that is why he wanted to go awake me up? I suppose that I will go with you now that I am awake. But I must ask, what caused Trypticon to get irritated?"

"Your lightning bolt when you zapped Nova."

Stormfront looks over at Acid when he told him what irritated Trypticon. "Ahh, bad." He gives a slight shameful look at his two brothers when Shockwave shakes his head. On the command, he proceeds to head out of the Nemesis through the cargo bay. He transforms into his jet mode while performing a nose dive through the Earth's atmosphere before going in a slight distant towards Ukraine.
Just a little snippet from the role-playing game that some of my friends and I are involved with. Several people have snickered at this little scene. Before this little snippet of the role-playing game, Stormfront went into his personal quarters on the Nemesis to recharge, not knowing that there is a mission underway to go retrieve a fuel cell rod from an abandoned nuclear power plant in the Ukraine...very similar in DotM.

Shockwave and Novastorm are played by :iconnight-shade92:
Stormfront and Acid Storm are played by :iconcascadia-science:

Transformers, Shockwave, and Acid Storm are own and registered by Hasbro
Stormfront's name is given by :iconcascadia-science:
Novastorm's name is given by :iconnight-shade92:

Enjoy. :)
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Mr-Optimus-Prime Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Well I will remember not to mess with Stormfront when he is resting, well written.
CascadiaSci Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
Thanks...Stormfront or aka "Stormy" is my personal OC. This whole scene was in my head even before it was rp'ed. She simply fell into the

In terms of not messing with a Cybertronian with lightning abilities when he is resting is a good idea. He has gotten both of his trine-mates/brothers with his abilities when they have tried to wake him up.
Mr-Optimus-Prime Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
Now with him doing that, I would say anyone is asking for trouble when awaking someone while resting.
BDixonarts Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thanks :)
Mr-Optimus-Prime Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
You are welcome.
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